The Audacity’s file menu

File Menu

Audacity application software provides a number of features and effects that can help you in recording, enhancing, editing, cropping, and customizing your audios. Out of all the menus present in Audacity, the file menu is the most useful. In case you are using Audacity for the first time, here are all the necessary details about […]

Start using the Envelope Tool on Audacity

Envelope Tool

Envelope Tool: Audacity is a software that helps in the creation of audio files. There are plenty of options through which you can create an audio file. You can use import, export or any other option to ensure the creation of audio files. Such options shall help you to create audio. You can use the […]

The chirp feature in Audacity

chirp feature in Audacity

Chirp feature in Audacity: Audacity is a platform that provides you the best way of recording your sounds and tracks, to convert into beautiful audio. It helps you enhance your audio, and removes all the distortions. We has been introducing new features, to help our users and improve their work-quality. One of the very interesting […]

Learn about Chris’ Dynamic Compressor

Chris’s Dynamic Compressor

Chris’s Dynamic Compressor is a famous plug-in that helps in removing the abrupt interventions of volume, by employing this compressor. If you wish to soften the audio, or work on the loudness, you can use Chris’s Dynamic Compressor. You will be able to find various links for this compressor. As, there are many versions of […]

Audio Tracks- Audacity

Audio Tracks- Audacity

Audio Tracks: If you are a music lover person, then Audacity is definitely the right software for you. Audacity is an open-source software that helps to record and edit audio. However, it can also do much more, like recording, merging, and splitting audio tracks. In addition, it can also be used to make ringtones. A […]

Customize Audacity as you need

Customize Audacity

When we record audio, we work hard to achieve mastery and perfection. Sometimes, however, we may get distracted due to the unattractiveness of the work environment. In response, Audacity has a Customizing feature, where you can customize your Audacity page and make a few necessary changes. This will make your Audacity screen look more beautiful […]

Audio Alignment-Audacity

Audio Alignment

Audio Alignment: Do you have an interest in songs or audios? Well, do you know about Audacity? It helps you record and edit audios with the best features ever. You can make ringtones, transfer tapes, mix stereo tracks, split tracks and so much more. Aligning the audio means to align the tracks in such a […]

Play Audio on Audacity at your Convenience

Ever wanted to mix two tracks, merge them or make a new music file by cutting half of a music file? We’re pretty sure; it’s yes. Everyone thinks of this at some point in their life, because everyone has a unique taste in music. Everyone usually has many multimedia files to listen to songs, but […]