Start working with Audacity’s Audio track dropdown

Audio track dropdown

Audio track dropdown : If you are unable to find an appropriate forum where you can use your skills to transform a track into an amazing audio file, Audacity is the perfect place, with all the necessary options to edit the audio. Whether you wish to import, export, or record, Audacity will help you do […]

Track Control Panel and Vertical Scale


Track Control Panel In Audacity, the track control panel is situated at the left corner of the audio track in the middle. The left click is performed to select a track. And, dragging results in rearrangement of tracks, along with a left click. In the track panel, the cross symbol ‘X’ is to close or […]

Copy and paste a section of the audio

Copy and paste Audio

In Audacity, you can copy and then past a part of audio onto another Audio clip. In the following example provided, the desired section of the track to be copied is referred to as the “source”, and track section on which the pasting operation is done is called the “target”. The operation of the whole […]

Audacity basics: record and enjoy later

Audacity basics

Audacity basics: Do you have an interest in songs or audios? If yes, then you must be knowing about Audacity? It helps you to record edit and save your favorite songs with the best ever features. You can make ringtones, transfer tapes, mix stereo tracks, split tracks and much more. Let us here learn some […]