Work with a compressor on Audacity

If you are unable to find an appropriate forum where you can use your skills to transform a track into an amazing audio file, you must use Audacity! Audacity has countless options for creating amazing audio. Whether you wish to import, export, or record, Audacity will help you do it all. In addition, you can […]

The features of Audacity: Record, Play and Edit

Audacity Features

Audacity Features: Audacity is a multi-language software for editing and recording audio files. It is an open-source app that is available for windows. Audacity offers a variety of functions that include creating ringtones, mixing sounds, recording sounds and splitting, etc. It is a fantastic audio editing software that is very easy to operate. Basic Functions […]

Audacity basics: record and enjoy later

Audacity basics

Audacity basics: Do you have an interest in songs or audios? If yes, then you must be knowing about Audacity? It helps you to record edit and save your favorite songs with the best ever features. You can make ringtones, transfer tapes, mix stereo tracks, split tracks and much more. Let us here learn some […]