Extra Menu – The Seek Option

The Seek Option

Audacity lets you do so much! You can edit your audio tracks very conveniently with it. And if you want to skip some audio snippets while playing the audio, the Seek option can be used. The ‘Seek’ option is present in the ‘Extra’ menu bar. When you click on ‘Seek’, a sub-menu will appear that […]

Dithering Effect Of Audacity Right Here


Dithering: Audacity is one of the most renowned softwares for creating of audio files. Audacity offers various options through which you can create amazing audio files. It is going to help you to enhance the quality of your audio. You can use various features such as import, export and other features to bring an overall […]

What are bass and treble?

Bass and treble

Bass and treble are the functions that change the lower and higher frequency of audio. This tool has the functionality to increase the frequencies related to the audio. Or, decrease them without affecting each other. It is similar to the stereo system, which has different controls such as bass, volume, and treble. Gain is the […]

Saving your work – Audio formats

Audio formats

Audio formats: We all work very hard on our recordings and tracks. Even a short segment requires a lot of hard work and dedication. Starting from recording to editing to enhancing and then customizing, it is a tough task throughout the entire process. However, have you ever accidentally lost your work? Have you ever had […]