Use the File Menu Import on Audacity to create audio files

import menu

Audacity is one of the most renowned softwares, offering exclusive features to help you create amazing audio files. You can import, export, record, and perform various other activities to create great audio files. Also, you can use various effects in Audacity to give a final touch to your creation. You can use the famous fade-in […]

How to create Nyquist Plugins in Audacity?

Nyquist Plugins

Nyquist Plugins: Audacity, being a large platform, has various users around the world. Thus, it constantly tries to improve its functions, and produce the best outcome for its users. It aims at providing numerous features, and the best user- experience. Though the Audacity software is completely free, its services are on par with those of […]

Lots of things you might not know Audacity could do

Audacity Help

Audacity Help: Anyone who loves recording music and tracks should use Audacity. It is a completely free software that helps you record and edit your audio. It offers a wide variety of features like editing, adding effects, recording and many more. One of the most important thing that I personally like about Audacity, is that […]