Custom FFmpeg export options-Audacity

FFmpeg export options

FFmpeg export options: If you want to export any codec in some particular format, then you will need to install an option library, called the FFmpeg library. After installing this library, click on the ‘Export Audio’ or ‘Export Multiple’ options in the dialog box. Clicking this will open Custom FFmpeg format options dialog box. This […]

FFmpeg import / Export Library

Why is FFmpeg library needed? Audacity software can provide various audio formats, such as compressed and uncompressed. These audio formats are WAV, AIFF, Ogg, FLAC, MP2, etc. To get more of a range of audio formats from FFmpeg library, the import-export library is available. Thus, you can get a large number of audio formats any […]

How to Save Tracks and Edit on Audacity?

Save Tracks and Edit on Audacity

Save Tracks and Edit on Audacity: There are songs and recordings that we always wish to modify according to our taste. Sometimes, merging two tracks, and blending a movie track with our music. So, how to do it effectively? We often wonder what are the best tools on the internet that can quickly help. Audacity […]