Extra menu: Tools and functions

Tools and functions

The extra menu present on the menu bar has a dropdown menu. This menu contains many options with their dropdown menus. This tool is the second in the dropdown menu of the Extra menu. The tools dropdown menu contains commands to select tools. These tools are all present in the toolbar. And, they are for […]

Start using the Envelope Tool on Audacity

Envelope Tool

Envelope Tool: Audacity is a software that helps in the creation of audio files. There are plenty of options through which you can create an audio file. You can use import, export or any other option to ensure the creation of audio files. Such options shall help you to create audio. You can use the […]

Guide To Use Audacity: Envelope Tool

Envelope Tool

Envelope Tool: For music lovers and creators, it is very important that they “play” with their music. Here, “playing” with the music simply means editing the music. Editing the music could be: Cropping the song Mixing different songs Editing the pitch of the song Recording the song with different tunes By creating fades with the […]

Macros and Shortcuts will help you do things faster

Macros and Shortcuts

Macros and Shortcuts: Audacity provides a platform to perform shortcuts very conveniently. Many buttons and menu commands have predefined keyboard shortcuts assigned. Audacity provides the users with the ability to add their own keyboard preferences. This function is valid for Linux, Windows and ‘Audacity’ menu on Mac. Macros Macro is a feature that is responsible […]