Learn about the Effect menu in Audacity

Effect Menu

Effect Menu: Audacity is digital audio editing software that one can use to edit recordings. It is open-source, cross-platform software available at no cost on Windows and other OS. It is one of the most powerful audio editors out there. Effect menu in audacity You can use built-in effects on or use plugin effects. In […]

Audacity’s Effect menu: Built-in


Built-in: To all those who use Audacity, or want to use it, here is something that you might like. Audacity is a platform that provides an excellent service to record, enhance, edit, customize, save, import, and export recordings and tracks. You can easily use all these features for free, through Audacity. When we talk about […]

What is the Change pitch and how to use it?

Change pitch

Change pitch: When you select a track, and you need to change the pitch of that track, but you do not want to change the speed of the track, you can use Change pitch. The track might have some current pitch in percentage. You can change that value of percentage up or down. These changes […]