Learn how to connect your equipment to Audacity

Connect your equipment with Audacity

If you are in search of software that will help you create amazing audio files, you must use Audacity. You will come across various options while using this software. You can use them easily to create great audio files. They are very convenient to apply. And, they generate great results. Audacity offers many options that will […]

Higher speed transfers in Audacity

Higher speed transfers

Audacity is a software that helps you record and edit audios. Apart from this, it also allows you to enhance, upload, customize, download, import, export and save your recordings. It is a great tool for all those who have some interest in music and recordings. Though, you can also record different types of sounds and […]

Error Opening Project: Reference to invalid character number at line x

Error Opening Project

Error Opening Project: Audacity is one of the best softwares for recording and editing audios. Though it is free software, it works just as well as a paid software. It has a lot of features and qualities that help you to create, record, and enhance your audio. It is a very useful application for numerous […]

How to use the customizing toolbar layout on Audacity

Customizing toolbar

Customizing toolbar: Audacity is one of the most used and well-known softwares for creating audio files. It is friendly, convenient and effective. Audacity has many features which aid in the creation of good audio files. You can easily use import, export, or digital sampling to create audio. There are various ways through which you can […]

Copying and Pasting a section of audio in Audacity


Audacity provides the feature of copying and pasting a small, or large, section from any audio to a different track. It may turn out to be very helpful for many people. And, it is useful for completing various tasks. Copying and Pasting a section of your audio to different audio in Audacity is a very […]

Clip Fix- Audacity

Clip Fix

Clip Fix rebuilds the clipped lengths of the audio tracks. It is an option present in the Effects menu. When the Effects submenu opens, you will see the Clip Fix option. Clicking on The clip Fix option will display a drop-down menu. After this, it will ask for the ‘Threshold of Clipping’ value. And, the […]

Get to know about the Audacity waveforms

Audacity waveform

Audacity waveforms: When you use Audacity Projects for editing your audio, you will find a default track already created. And, you will be able to find a record button. One will be able to see this waveform when one imports a stereo audio file into Audacity. These stereo tracks contain a Vertical track and Track […]

Tips to import and export with Audacity Projects!

Import and Export with Audacity Projects

Import and Export with Audacity Projects: Importing and exporting are vital elements of producing a great track, forming its  foundation. If you want to be an expert in importing and exporting audio files, you must be aware of the necessary technicalities. It is important to know the complete techniques and ways of how to go […]

Filter your Music with Audacity

Filter your Music with Audacity

Filter your Music with Audacity: Audacity gives you access to change most of the settings based on your preferences with the help of Preferences dialog toolbar in Audacity. If you are using Audacity in Windows then you would find it under Audacity menu section. Want to know what’s hidden in the Preferences dialog box? It […]

Undo, Redo and History-Audacity

Undo, Redo and History-Audacity

Do you have an interest in songs or audio? Well! Do you know about Audacity? It helps you to record and edit audio with the best features ever. You can make ringtones, transfer tapes, mix stereo tracks, split tracks, and do countless other things. If you are a beginner in recording your voice, you will […]