Learn about the Effect menu in Audacity

Effect Menu

Effect Menu: Audacity is digital audio editing software that one can use to edit recordings. It is open-source, cross-platform software available at no cost on Windows and other OS. It is one of the most powerful audio editors out there. Effect menu in audacity You can use built-in effects on or use plugin effects. In […]

Audacity’s Effect menu: Built-in


Built-in: To all those who use Audacity, or want to use it, here is something that you might like. Audacity is a platform that provides an excellent service to record, enhance, edit, customize, save, import, and export recordings and tracks. You can easily use all these features for free, through Audacity. When we talk about […]

Understanding the Amplify and Normalize effects


The amplifying and normalize effects are quite similar to each other. But, they have some minor differences. Normalize effect has its own DC correction option. Whereas, amplify has an option for entering into the volume change by amplifying to more than 0.0 Db. Both effects have different behaviours, if they are used on multiple channels […]

Learn and enjoy changing the loudness of your audio

Change the amplifier

Change the amplifier: Hearing pleasing audio is one of the necessities in our everyday lives. It is important to have tunes suited to our ears, ones that relax us. The audio we hear should not be too loud or too harsh. Likewise, unpleasant and unwanted sounds not only causes irritation, but also harm our eardrums. […]

‘Effects’ to enhance Audio

Enhance Audio

Enhance Audio: Audacity is an audio recorder and editor. It helps you record and edit your tracks in many efficient ways. To edit your audios, the ‘Effects’ menu is very helpful. This article tells you how to use ‘Effects’ to make edits to your track voices. One very important thing is that any edits to […]