Tips on getting an Accurate Speed Test

Accurate Speed Test

If you are facing problems with your internet, especially with the speed it is advisable to decide on a speed test. This test gives you a fair idea of the speed of the internet and helps you solve this problem. There are many reasons for the slow internet. This can be due to external or even internal factors. To ensure you get accurate speed test results you can follow the tips listed below.

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Restart the Router and Modem

Re-starting normally solves any technical problems but this can also be taken as a proactive step to ensure the accuracy of the speed test. The router and the modem work together to ensure your device gets access to the internet. This re-starting of the modem and router helps both these devices to return to the optimum working status.

Clear the Cache of the Browser

The internet speed tests work by uploading and downloading either one or even more files of specific size and calculate the internet speed using the time taken by these files to upload or download. Clearing cache can ensure accuracy in the speed test. In case you conduct this speed test more than once in a row then the results of the first test can impact the subsequent results as the files exist on your computer.

Avoid using the Internet for any other job

When conducting an internet speed test, make sure there are no other applications open in your computer. That is, only the speed tests need to be conducted and no browsing and surfing. This includes switching off the mobile devices or even other computers and laptops used by someone else in the next room. In short, the speed test needs to be carried out exclusively.

Choose the HTML5

Instead of the flash-based test, it is advisable to use the HTML5 based test. Without diving into too much technical details, let’s say that HTML5 presents the latest browser-based technology that are compatible on all computing devices and it is much secure than Flash.

What Affects Internet Speed?

Multiple factors can affect the speed of your internet. Some of these are listed below.

Wireless v/s Cable

There are lots of factors with WiFi that affect the speed and thus, cable internet works better when you looking for consistency in the speed.


Any malware in your computer can slow down the internet speed. A malware installs itself in the computer without your knowledge and can hog the bandwidth. Make sure you run the internet security software when you open any attachments.


Old routers have the capability of slowing down the internet. You can decide on buying a new router if this is more than 4 years old. You need to be aware that old routers have weak antennas which can affect the speed.

Web Browser

The choices of the browser can be the cause of slow internet. You need to experiment with different browsers with the regular sites you visit and see which browser offers the fastest response.

Finally, if nothing seems to work, you can report to the ISP (Internet Service Provider) to get the internet checked totally.


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