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Track Menu

Learn about Tracks in Audacity

The extra track menu provides you with some additional access to some extra commands in Audacity. So these commands are use to manipulate the controls

Selection Menu

Extra menu: Selection and its contents

The menu bar in Audacity contains an ‘extra’ menu. This menu has various options for additional functionalities. The selection sub-menu allows you to change the

focus menu

Extra menu: Focus and sub contents

To get extra commands for the focus of your audio track, read this article. Here, information regarding focus changes to the audio track are available.

Scriptables 1

Extra menu: Scriptables 1

The Scriptables 1 is a menu that provides you commands that are useful for scripting via Python, Macros, etc. These commands were originated for the


Extra Menu: Device

Audacity is a platform that provides you with numerous features to help you. It can easily help you in recording, editing, enhancing, cropping, customizing and