Get Started with Audiotonic

Audiotonic is a multi-functional audio recording and editing software. It provides powerful functions to record audio, edit your recordings, combine multiple sound tracks, export & share recordings and many more. 

This product guide is designed to help you learn the essential skills so that you become comfortable with using the software. It literally takes 30 seconds to go through each topic by following the table of contents to the right.

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Each topic provides a set of instructions for a specific task, along with a product visual guide to make it easy for you to understand and follow.

If you are tech-savvy or feeling adventurous, we suggest starting with the Product Tour Guide to get the most out of the software, which is based on Audacity. 

The Main Window

To launch Audiotonic, click the Windows Start button, type “Audiotonic”, and then click the program entry to launch the application.

The main window of the application contains all the important features that you will get familiar with through this guide.

Prior to recording your audio, make sure your input device (e.g. microphone) and output device (e.g. speakers or headset) are properly connected and configured. The recommended setting for Project Sample Rate is 44100 Hz. 

Main Window - Visual Guide

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