Saving your work – Audio formats

Audio formats

Audio formats: We all work very hard on our recordings and tracks. Even a short segment requires a lot of hard work and dedication. Starting from recording to editing to enhancing and then customizing, it is a tough task throughout the entire process. However, have you ever accidentally lost your work? Have you ever had some of your work disappear by accident? Nobody would ever like to experience that. No one wants their work to be in vain.

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This can happen if you do not save or export your work. If you forget to save your work, it will only result in the wastage of your work. Therefore, it is very important to save your recordings or tracks. One such useful thing is exporting your file. Sometimes we forget to save our work, so we should export the file to a safe place as soon as it is recorded, before editing it further.

Saving and Exporting always assures the safety of your work done. It guarantees to keep your work secure for future use. In Audacity also, you can save and export your files as per your wish. In case you have not done it yet, here is a guide on how to save or export files in Audacity.

How to Save files in Audacity?

After completing your work in Audacity, you can save your file. It is very easy to save your files at Audacity. Saving files, keeps it limited to Audacity only which Audacity can open. It is saved in the Audacity project format, which is made up of multiple small files, which are stored in the data folder.

Audio formats

To save a project, click the file menu and then choose to save project submenu. You can save it as uncompressed or compressed to save space. You also have the option to save your audios as backup safety copies in between your project.

In addition, you can save your audio by a short cut method. For that, you need to press Ctrl + S keys to save your file safely. This will save your file in Audacity.

Exporting your files

To export your files to your desired place, you can:

  • Click on the file
  • Then export
  • And, lastly, export audio to export a single file

To export multiple audios, you can click the file, then export and then export multiple. If you have a group of audios and wish to export selected audios from that, you can click on the file, export and, then export selected audio. Click here to learn more.

Also, if you are exporting the audio from selection, Audacity will instantly export the selected tracks, even if there are some tracks (the greyed-out ones) that are inaudible in playback. However, when you use export or export multiple, only the tracks that are not greyed-out will be exported to the desired place.

You can also pause exporting if you wish, by clicking the stop button. Likewise, if you want to cancel exporting, click on the cancel button. The exported tracks are kept safe, and secure at your desired place.


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