Remove special: Contents and functions of sub-menu

Remove Special

Remove Special: In the edit menu of Audacity application, there is a remove special option. You can remove audio or labels in the audio with remove special option. This performs the split cut and split remove functions. In addition, there is no change to the right part of the audio.

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Remove Special

The four options available in the remove special option are as follows:

Split cut option

In the cut option in edit mode, part of the audio is cut. And, the remaining part of the audio shifts left. While in the split cut option, inside the remove special option, the part does not shift. Rather, it cuts the part you select to edit and then the right part remains as it is.

Clip one is the part, before the cut part of the audio. And another clip is the part after it. Thus, this option cuts the audio into individual clips. Audacity clipboard contains the part you had selected to edit.

Split Cut

This is also useful for cutting a label from a group of them. The other labels are not affected, and only the selected label is removed. The remaining part of the label does not move to the left. You can select the audio to cut, and then apply the split cut option. Also, you can select the label to cut the audio, and then apply the split cut option.

Split delete option

You can delete part of the audio with a split delete option. This option will not store that part in the clipboard. And, the remaining part will not move left after deleting. It is quite similar to the Split cut option. The removed part is stored in the clipboard for the Split cut option, though it is not the same for the split delete option.

After cutting, the part left from the audio forms separate clips. It saves these clips as individual clips. So, there is no need for shifting the remaining part.

 Silence audio option

You can select the part you want to silence from the audio. It is possible to silence a label region of audio. As, the silence audio option does not cut or remove the part of the audio. The length of the audio remains the same after applying this option. It replaces the part you select in the audio with silence. The label you select to silence contains pause and no audio.

Trim Audio option

If you want to shorten your audio or clip, then use this option. The part you select remains as it is and it cuts the remaining part. The remaining part forms another clip. If there are any other parts in the same audio, it does not affect them.

All these options seem similar to each other, but they are all different. You should use these options after knowing in detail about all these options. If you consider them the same, you will end up losing some part of your audio or the complete audio. Also, the selection of labels or regions is important. You have to select the appropriate label or region with proper selection to use any of these options. Click here to learn more.


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