Learn how to use Audacity’s File menu

File menu

Audacity is one of the best softwares for the creation of audio files. It offers some awesome features, that are super convenient to use. Audacity comprises of all the advanced features that shall help you to create audio files. You simply need to be aware of such features. You can use the tools and menus to create audio files. They will enhance the process and facilitate the easy creation of audio files.

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There are various options with which you can work to create audio files. They are present in the form of menus. You can easily use them to develop audio. If you wish to learn about one of the most used options, it has to be the File Menu.

About File menu

If you want to use commands to create, open, and save Audacity projects, you must use the File Menu. It will help you to perform these functions easily and conveniently.

Once you start working with Audacity, you will find a number of options appearing. You need to click on the File option. Once you click on this option, you will be able to see a variety of options like New, export, import, and many other options. You can click any of the mentioned options and use them to create audio.

File Menu

Learn about the various options

As stated above, you will be able to find various options in front of you. Have a look at some of them.

New – If you want to create a new and blank project window to work on new tracks, you must use the New option. After you have created the blank window, you can save it for later.

Open– You will be able to launch a window with a selection of files. With this, you can open one or more Audacity project files. If you wish to import files, you can do the same by using the open option.

Save Project– If you wish to save a project without any compression, you can do that with the help of Save Project submenu. You can also store the projects as copies in the form of backup safety.

Page setup– If you choose to print, you will find this option prior to that. With this option, you can adjust the settings of the page before you click on the print button.

Learn how to exit the File Menu

Once you are done with working on the File menu, you need to exit this menu.

Once you press on the exit option, it will close all the Audacity projects. If you have not saved any window, Audacity will ask you to save it. You can also restore everything with this File Menu.

Audacity will help you work on various aspects of an audio file. You can use the File menu to work on various functions. And, one can use it to import and export as well. Audacity allows you to create audio files with the help of its diverse options. Click here to learn more.


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