Index of Effects, Analyzers, Generators, and Tools in Audacity

Index of Effects

Index of Effects: There are various menus in Audacity. All of these menus have their individual tasks and features. Effects, Analyzers, Generators and Tools are some the menus in Audacity. Sometimes, it is hard to understand the features of the different menus, due to a huge number of the available options.

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Also, if you want to have a brief knowledge about these menus, then you can go through this write- up. It contains all the necessary information about the effect, analyzers, generate and tools menu.

Index of Effects

Index of the menus

There are numerous options and features in these menus. Some of these include adjustable fade, amplify, change pitch, change speed, change tempo, chirp, delay, distortion, fade in, fade out, invert, filters, noise, normalization, pluck, repeat, reverb, silence, tone and vocoder. All of these tools are extremely useful and people use them for various different purposes.

Apart from these features, there are various other options that are available in the effects, analyzers, generators, and tools menus.

Add or remove plugins

You can easily add or remove plugins as you wish. This option is available in the Effects menu. It is not necessary to use some kind of third-party plugin. You can still change the size of the effect menu by making it longer or shorter as per your wish.

Backup or transfer of settings

To get a backup or transfer settings in Audacity, you can simply visit the Audacity’s setting option. For backup, you can copy your file to a safe place and for transferring settings, you can copy that file to a similar location on another computer.

Effects by Function

The Effects menu has various functions. You can change the voice of the sound, by making it quieter or louder. This is done using the amplify, auto duck, compressor, limiter and normalize options. You can also fade-in or fade-out a section of your audio easily. This menu also allows you to change the quality like bass, treble, and distortions of your sound.

In addition, this menu helps in repairing damage in the audios, increasing or decreasing the speed of the sound, adding or removing echo and reverberation, removing vocals and manipulating the audios.

Generators by Function

This menu is useful for generating tones, silences, noises, instruments, metronomes and generating from the data that is imported. Also, this is very simple and easy to use.

Tools by Function

This menu provides you with three options, which specifically include Nyquist. This divides sounds or the silences using some kind of labels and export & import of the data and files.

Analyzers by Function

The analyzers menu consists of the label feature, which is useful for marking sounds, silences and beats in your audio. In addition, it is useful for analyzing the amplitude and other features of your sound or recording.


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