Extra menu: Play-at-speed and sub contents

Play at speed

What is the Play-at-speed option?

The extra menu present in the menu bar has a ‘Play at speed’ option, that gives commands to manipulate. You can manipulate the ‘Play at speed’ toolbar using this option. This also option contains eight commands, for manipulation of the playback speed.

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Sub-menu of the Play-at-speed option

Normal play at speed

The menu changes the speed of your audio track in the playback. To get a normal pace, choose this option. The normal menu option allows you to play your audio at a faster or slower rate, according to your requirement.

Loop Play at speed

The second option on the menu is loop play at speed. This option combines the playing at the loop and the play-at-speed functions. When you want to play some part of the audio, or the entire audio multiple times, select loop play.

Play cut preview at speed

The play cut preview at speed option is a useful option when you cut your audio clip or track. To show the cut preview along with manipulation in play-at-speed, use this option.

Adjust playback speed

When you choose the ‘adjust playback speed’ option, a dialog box appears. This dialog box is the playback speed dialog box. With this dialog box, you can change the speed of the playback. Manually enter a new value between 0 and 1 for playback speed. Another way to choose the speed is by pressing the ‘tab’ button, then move the slider in the left or right direction according to your need.

Increase playback speed

To change the speed of the playback, you can use adjust playback speed option. There is another option if you want some minor increase in the speed of the playback. Similarly, use Increase playback speed to increase the speed of the playback by 0.1.

Decrease playback speed

Rather than using, adjust the playback speed to decrease the speed of the layback by a minimal amount. Use decrease playback speed option to decrease the speed by 0.1. If you want to decrease it by 0.2, press this option twice.

Move to the previous label

There might be labels in your audio track. It selects the current label you are working at. To change the label and go to the previous label of the current label, press this option. Move to the previous label moves your selection to the previous label of the currently selected label. To use a shortcut for this function, press ‘alt + left’.

Move to the next label

Similar to moving to the previous label, you can also move to the next label. The current label that is selected for manipulation will be deselected and the label next to it will be selected. Press it multiple times to move to successive next labels. Once it selects the next label, you can now manipulate it just as you want. The shortcut for this operation is ‘alt+right’.

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