Exporting Audio in Audacity

Exporting Audio

Exporting Audio: You should read this article to export an audio file from Audacity. You can export a single audio file. Two export commands are available to export this file. However, it is also possible to export a part of the project or the complete project.

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To select the entire audio track in your project you can choose the Export Audio option in the export sub-menu of the File menu. There is another option to export a file. You can choose ‘Export selected audio’ from the export menu of the File menu. This option exports only the selected audio file.

Exporting Audio

Export multiple audio files

Yes, that is right! You can also export multiple audio files using the same process. This option is useful for saving different files of the same recording. The Export Multiple Option in the file export menu lets you export separate files for each audio track. You can add labels to your audio tracks and export them separated by the labels. Click here to learn more.

You can choose the type you want to export your file. The “export selection” dialog box has this option. You have to select the file name, the destination folder name, and the format of audio. Perform these steps to export a file:

  1. Select the folder location.
  2. Enter the name of the audio file in the “filename” section.
  3. The “save as type” selects the format of the audio file.
  4. The format you chose may or may not have other settings available in the “options” button.
  5. As you click on “save” the audio is exported.

Export Multiple dialog box

The export multiple dialog box allows you to choose if you want to export multiple files. You can choose the splitting of these files, either through labels or audio files.

The splitting through labels will separate your audio files based on the labels you have added in the audio track. If there are no labels, you can choose the other option, which exports separate files of the same recording based on your selection.

Follow these steps to export multiple files:

  1. First, you have to choose the export format of your file.
  2. Select the destination folder to export your file, or manually enter it in the text box.
  3. The Split based on option lets you choose the splitting of your files through labels or audio files.
  4. To store multiple files, you have to choose a numbering scheme to name them.
  5. To overwrite any existing files of the same name enable the “overwrite existing files checkbox.
  6. After adding all the details, click on the “export” button. And, your file will be exported.

Export formats

As you read above, you can select the format of the audio file you want to export. Here, you can learn about the available export formats. Audacity can export to multiple formats. These formats are available in the application by default. You can add more available formats by adding supportive libraries.

The formats available are WAV, Ogg Vorbis, AIFF, MP2, and FLAC. MP3 format is not available in Audacity primarily. As, you have to add an external library to use that format.


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