Echo effect in Audacity

Echo effect

Echo effect: If you are looking for the best music recorder and editing software for yourself, Audacity can prove to be the best for you. It lets you do a lot. You can record your audios and easily edit them, by using the best ever features via Audacity. You can make tracks, merge them or even split them back. Audacity also enables you to make ringtones and make your audios even better.

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The echo is a special effect that will enhance the beauty and liveliness of your audio track. This effect repeats the selected portion of the audio time and again. What makes it an echo effect is that the repeated audio becomes softer each time it repeats. By default, there is no gap in between. This effect is present in the Effect menu.

When you click on the Echo option, a message box will appear. It will contain some input boxes and some buttons. We will discuss them briefly now:

Delay time in seconds

This expects the time for which an echo should stay. In other words, it is basically the length of each echo. Input should be in seconds. If you select the delay time more than the length of the clipped audio selected for echo, then echoes will not be generated.

Delay factor

It is the ratio by which the amplitude of the echo should be multiplied each time for repeating. Its value should be between 0 and 1. 0 means there will be no echo. 1 means that there will be no change in amplitude and loudness of the echo from that of the original sound.

Any value between 0 and 1 will decrease the loudness of each subsequent echo and the echo will finally die out. There is another easy way of setting the echo after the original sound. You can set the echo snippet as a loop. It will keep on repeating without any issue of gaps or delay time.

You can keep the volume of the loop constant by using the ‘Repeat’ option present in the Effects menu. ‘Delay’ option in Effects menu will let you set the echo with the aspired delay in between and the repeat number.


There are 5 buttons at the bottom of the Echo box. Let us discuss them.

  • Manage: Clicking on this option will show you the details of the tool and then you can set the presets for the tool.
  • Preview: This is a very useful tool when you are not sure about the edits you are going to make. You can preview the original audio with the selected edits, without actually applying the edits. This will let you make any further changes if you want to.
  • OK: this button will finally apply the changes to the original audio. Now, the preview option is not enabled before you make any further edits.
  • Cancel: This button will delete all the selected edits in one go and will close the dialog box.
  • Question mark: this will take you to the help manual page.

What are you waiting for? Use Audacity for editing those awesome audios.


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