Extra Menu: Scriptables II in Audacity

Scriptables II

What will you do if you want to use scripting in Audacity? Well! This article is especially to guide you on how to use scripting by the use of Python or macros. A very useful menu, called ‘Extra’ contains many options in its sub-menu. One of them is ‘Scriptables II’. The ‘Scriptables II’ sub-menu shows […]

Extra Menu: Mixer menu and sub contents

Mixer menu

The mixer menu is present in the Extra menu of the toolbar. To manipulate the volume of the audio track, use this menu. The playback or recording you have selected can perform this. The mixer toolbar is also present that provides the same function. The toolbar has a slider that needs changes to change its […]

Use the File Menu Import on Audacity to create audio files

import menu

Audacity is one of the most renowned softwares, offering exclusive features to help you create amazing audio files. You can import, export, record, and perform various other activities to create great audio files. Also, you can use various effects in Audacity to give a final touch to your creation. You can use the famous fade-in […]

File menu: Export sub-menu

export menu

The file menu in the menu bar has the Export option. The main purpose of this option is to export the audio file present in Audacity. You have various formats to export this audio file. And, the multiple formats allow you to use the audio file with separate applications. Along with separate formats, you can […]

The Audacity’s file menu

File Menu

Audacity application software provides a number of features and effects that can help you in recording, enhancing, editing, cropping, and customizing your audios. Out of all the menus present in Audacity, the file menu is the most useful. In case you are using Audacity for the first time, here are all the necessary details about […]

Fades feature in Audacity

Fades feature

Fades feature: Audacity is a platform that provides you with various services and features. It is a one-stop solution to all your recording needs. Along with this, Audacity provides a number of effects that can help you in enhancing your audios and recordings. One of the very useful effects is Fades. Fades feature is used […]

Learn to use the Fade and Crossfade feature on Audacity

Crossfade feature

Crossfade feature: Audacity not only helps you to create good audio files, but also allows you to work with various features. You can easily check your errors, or import and export with the help of this software. This feature of Audacity helps in attaining maximum efficiency with the software. As well, you will be able […]

Extra Menu – Transport as an option

Transport menu

Even if you are a regular Audacity user, you might not know that there are a lot number of features or commands that are not directly available in the menus. These options are hard to find. But, they are present in the ‘Transport’ option in the ‘Extra’ menu. These features can be really useful in […]

Learn about Tracks in Audacity

Track Menu

The extra track menu provides you with some additional access to some extra commands in Audacity. So these commands are use to manipulate the controls of the track control panel. It also moves the tracks from up to down and vice-versa. These additional features are accessible in extra menu at Audacity. These extra menu commands […]

Extra menu: Tools and functions

Tools and functions

The extra menu present on the menu bar has a dropdown menu. This menu contains many options with their dropdown menus. This tool is the second in the dropdown menu of the Extra menu. The tools dropdown menu contains commands to select tools. These tools are all present in the toolbar. And, they are for […]