Extra Menu: Edit option in Audacity

edit menu

Edit menu: Do you have some interest in music and recordings? Planning to record audio? Want to enhance or edit your audios and recordings? Want to work on music? Then here is something that might help you. Yes! you read it right. We will help you in performing all these functions and we have the […]

Extra Menu: Device


Audacity is a platform that provides you with numerous features to help you. It can easily help you in recording, editing, enhancing, cropping, customizing and saving your audios. And the best part is that it is available completely free of cost. Though it is free software, it works just as well. There are various menus […]

Use the cursor to work with Audacity

cursor menu

Cursor Menu: Audacity not only helps you to create good audio files but also allows you to work with various features. You can easily check your errors or import and export with the help of this software. This feature of Audacity helps in attaining the efficiency of the software. You will be able to give […]

Start working with the Extra menu feature of Audacity

extra menu

Audacity is one of the most renowned softwares for audio creation. There are many features, such as import, export, recording and many more to help you create audio files. There are many options on the toolbar, which shall help you in the convenient creation of audio files. They help in the process of creating the […]

Audacity’s extended import preferences

Extended Import Preferences

You must use Audacity if you are wanting to create some amazing audio files. There are many features that allow you to create such files. If you want to have a well-maintained and up-to-date audio file, you must use Audacity. You can import, export and record tracks to create audio files. Hence, you need to […]

Burning music files to a CD

Burn CD

Burn CD: Audacity is an open-source software for recording and editing great audio. This can be used for various tasks, like recording tapes, mixing them, splitting tracks and making ringtones, etc. Burn Audio CDs There are two types of CDs that are formed by the burning of CDs. These are ‘Audio CD’ and ‘Data CD’. […]

Noise Reduction- Keep unwanted noises

Noise Reduction

Noise Reduction: If you want to record audio, the most important thing is to make sure that you have zero noise disturbances around. If you want good quality of audio, you must completely reduce the amount of irritating noises. Because, the listener can’t listen to the audio clearly with noises in the background. This is […]

Exporting to an external program

Exporting to an external program

Exporting to an external program: Sometimes you might want to encode a file, or let another application format it. Luckily, Audacity has this option available for you. You can choose an external program to share this audio with another application. This external application may process your audio file. Or, it may encode it as you […]

Exporting Audio in Audacity

Exporting Audio

Exporting Audio: You should read this article to export an audio file from Audacity. You can export a single audio file. Two export commands are available to export this file. However, it is also possible to export a part of the project or the complete project. To select the entire audio track in your project […]

Using Export Multiple in Audacity

Export Multiple

Export Multiple is a dialog box that pops up as a response to the File- Export- Export multiple commands. This particular command does the work of exporting a number of files at one time. Exporting multiple files by the label is a simpler way to export separate files for each track in one long recording. […]