Editing with Audacity’s AAC export options

AAC Export Options

Making a track stands incomplete without perfect exporting. It is the most crucial element of building a track. If you are looking forward to exporting an audio file, Audacity is the perfect forum to ensure a fantastic editing experience. All musicians must take proper care to ensure the beautiful composition of a track.  You might […]

Quick Play feature at Audacity

Quick Play

Among various other interesting and useful features in Audacity, timeline quick- play is very important. You can easily start your playback from any point as per your choice. This feature is easily accessible to you in Audacity using this feature. You can just take your cursor to the point where you want to enable this, […]

An easy way to use Label Track

An additional track can be create with the use of Label track in your project. In the audio track of the project, labels available in the label track denote the points and/or regions. However, the label track does not have audio. What does the label track provide? In some points, you can restore audio using […]

FFmpeg import / Export Library

Why is FFmpeg library needed? Audacity software can provide various audio formats, such as compressed and uncompressed. These audio formats are WAV, AIFF, Ogg, FLAC, MP2, etc. To get more of a range of audio formats from FFmpeg library, the import-export library is available. Thus, you can get a large number of audio formats any […]

Generate your own audios using the ‘Generate’ menu

Selecting Audio at Audacity

Analyzers and Tools: Do you have an interest in songs or audio? Well, do you know about Audacity? It helps you to record and edit audios with the best features ever. You can make ringtones, transfer tapes, mix stereo tracks, split tracks, and so much more. The ‘Generate’ Menu Audacity is an audio recorder and […]

Excellent Vertical Zooming methods

Vertical Zooming

A detailed analysis of your audio track is important, because every bit of your tune contains some kind of distortion. Thus, careful inspection of the audio track becomes a part of the audio editing procedure. If you are using Audacity, then you will come across many options in the toolbar. However, vertical zooming is the […]